Family life inspired by the Rule of St Benedict

A Family life inspired by the Rule of St Benedict

We do not speak great things: we live them (St Cyprian)

"How wonderful is your dwelling place..."

Every domestic home is a dwelling place for God.
St Benedict's secret for family happiness
A suggestion...

Your best human and Christian intentions often remain ineffective if they are not shared and supported by the people you live with. Is the ordinary way of life of a modern human family a help or rather an obstacle to your deepest aspirations?

If you do not want your family to be an obstacle to the good which is in you, won't it be necessary to buck the trend and reform the common fashion, rather than accept it passively as an inevitable occurrence? But how? Perhaps Saint Benedict can give you some good suggestions


Do you want to examine the Benedictine suggestion in detail? You might like it! Let's see...

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